With regards to Circo

The day my magnificent journey began…


March 11, 1973 is the day my magnificent journey began… The first years of my life unfold peacefully with all the wonder that a child of my age can have.

Around the age of 9, a certain questioning emerged, like fireworks in my head. In a rather pragmatic way, I was going to look for pseudo answers to the deepest questions such as life, death, sun, sky, gravity …

As a teenager, in the electricity section, it was the laboratories of electricity, mathematics, physics and chemistry which were my main sources of learning. But the last two years were punctuated by my recurring exclusions from mathematics and technology classes. Interesting and painful lessons at the same time, because these teachers and I were not on the same wavelength, it was a mutual non-communication.

Years later…

Many years later, my desire for answers returned, and since then, this flood of information has continued to feed my unconditional search towards all horizons.

More specifically:

  • A translation of the language proposed by our “nature”.
  • A popularized vision of quantum physics and applied mathematics.
  • A Biographical approach of people who have had an effect on the trajectory and inspiration of my works.


My birth

It sparked my rebirth, like a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis, and as I write these few lines, I am no longer in this state. I’m like the butterfly right now.

My purpose

And that is why I create large metal works and structures that reflect my vision of Time, Space and our real lives.

My goal

The main objective is to be able to share my popular interpretation of certain subject matters such as Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy, with young people. They are the adults of tomorrow who will continue to build a better future.

Among many contemporary artists, two gave me the energy I needed to achieve my goal.
The first wants to “Reach for the moon” in La Louvière and the second climbs “Everest” in Marseille..

I perceive the exit of the cave, and my desire through these works, is to allow the public to change their point of view towards the outside of the cave, … that of Plato’s allegory of course.

Michelangelo CIRCO